Artificial INTELligence-based Decision Support System for Early and Accurate Diagnosis of HEART Failure

Precision medicine for improved diagnosis of heart failure

The INTELHEART platform presents an innovative digital solution, which needs fewer resources to diagnose HF accurately and provides patient-centric treatment advice to its primary and secondary care users.

Heart failure (HF) is becoming a modern epidemic and despite significant research and therapy advances, it still carries an ominous prognosis and a significant socioeconomic burden. Many novels agents that emerged as promising drugs for HF treatment failed to reduce morbidity and mortality.
The novelty of the project is reflected in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) based Decision Support System (DSS) for assessing and predicting the risk of HF, its early diagnosis and progression using computational modelling, voice characteristics and vocal biomarkers. Voice characteristics will also be used to assess the emotional disturbance and psychological resilience which are associated HF.


Patient-specific data

Perform clinical study for heart failure diagnosis in tertiary care to collect and integrate various diagnostic data

Digital patient library

Establish a joint patient-specific database (digital patient library) for all available patient modalities (retrospective and prospective study data )

Mobile application

INTELHEART platform will integrate innovative multifunctional AI-based and computationally modelled DSS and mobile app for analyzing voice characteristics.



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Održano predavanje na Seminaru iz veštačke inteligencije u organizaciji Matematičkog instituta Srpske akademije nauka i umetnosti (MI SANU)

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